5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Stand Out

When you’ve had a long day at the office or running around after the kids you want to retire to a sanctuary of calm and style. If your sleeping space is looking tired and outdated then good news! You don’t need to break the bank to remodel your bedroom, in fact with a few design tweaks you can turn the room into a fresh and modern space.

Striking Furniture

Without too much effort or expense one or two flashy new pieces of furniture can create a spark in the bedroom. You can reupholster a run-down chair with a plush burst of color or invest in a new headboard with a solid bright tone. If you have a minimalist look on your walls and floors then a couple of brash yet matching pieces of furniture will bring a wonderful warmth to the room.

A Centrepiece Attraction

Whether it be the bed itself, a showpiece rug, a striking piece of artwork or even one bright and textured wall, you should have one section of your bedroom that is the eye-catching focal point. While the bedroom should be a place of calm and soothing vibes you don’t want it to feel boring or clinical. Put up some textured wallpaper and a shelf above the bed to close the space and create a cozy area.

Be Bold Using Paint Colors In Your Bedroom

Choosing bedroom paint colors is usually a routine affair. Cool blues or neutral whites tend to win out – for good reason as they aid in creating a relaxing atmosphere – but consider something a bit different to switch up your style. Pastel pinks and purples are good for that pop of color while still allowing for a soothing atmosphere. If you have a larger room don’t be afraid to try darker shades like plum or forest green to bring in a feeling of coziness.

Strip Back The Noise

A cluttered mismatch of furnishings and niknaks is a distraction that won’t help the aesthetic of a bedroom – not to mention the impact it will have on your sleeping pattern. If you have a lot of furniture in and around the bed consider donating one piece of it or bringing in smaller pieces so the room appears larger. Use storage cleverly so that toy boxes and laundry baskets are convenient.

Window Dressing

For smaller bedrooms in particular, the windows play a big role in presentation. With the correctly placed mirrors and light airy paint color you can dress the window with a deep, impactful set of floor-length curtains to frame your windows and add a splash of drama to the room without sacrificing the illusion of space. Combine a ruby curtain with a brass rail for a royal style.

These five ways to give a standout impression to your bedroom are budget-friendly and time-efficient. There is no need to bring in remodelers or strip out walls and floors when you can use a few simple tricks to give your bedroom a fabulous new feel and fresh vibe all by yourself.

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