Engineered Stone: Luxury Marble at an Affordable Price

If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation and would love luxury marble benchtops and splashbacks, but are not keen on the very high price of naturally quarried and polished marble, look no further than engineered stone. Made with crushed stone, the slabs are larger than you would find naturally, which means you can get several benchtops from a single slab, giving you a perfect match at an affordable cost.

Premier Marble Collection

Creating engineered stone that looks like marble is indeed an art and the people who make this product are highly skilled, with patterns that mimic natural marble, with a variation of colour and veins. Here are a few of the designs that are available in engineered stone:

  • Calacatta Gold
  • Imperial Danby
  • Venato Extra
  • Black Caviar
  • Desert White

The manufacturer has a range of Calacatta marble designs that are simply stunning and the material can be cut and worked much like natural stone. Tradesmen love working with engineered stone and once your new kitchen is finished, no one would ever know the marble is actually man-made.

Online Solutions

If you would like to view engineered stone, a Google search is all it takes to find a leading Australian supplier and on their website, they would have store locators, which allow you to visit and check for yourself why everyone loves the look and the low cost of engineered stone.

How is Engineered Stone Made?

Engineered stone is made with crushed stone and a resin adhesive with added quartz, and such is the skill of the people who make this product, they can replicate natural marble designs and colours and every batch consists of two large slabs, thus ensuring enough to finish a large kitchen with benchtops and splashbacks that match.


The finished slabs are cut and polished at the factory to the customer’s exact dimensions, which is ideal when you are creating a new kitchen design. There are other materials that might also be used in the making of engineered stone, such as coloured glass, quartz, shells and even mirror fragments, all used to replicate premier natural marble. As time passes, new and innovative designs come along, although there are already so many finishes available to choose from.


Engineered stone weathers much like natural stone and you can expect your benchtops to last a lifetime, being just as hard and durable as natural marble or granite. Not only do you have the premier marble look, the cost is much lower than natural marble.

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