Fixing Common Home Leaks

We have all lived in a home where water leakages happen. It can really help a lot when one tries to mitigate the leakage, as that can prevent further damages from happening. Not attending to your water leakage can actually increase your overall future repair costs. Thus, if the water leakage that you are experiencing is serious and you are unable to mitigate the damages, one should consider calling a licensed waterproof specialist to attend to situation right away and solve the root cause of the water leakage.

Leaking Tap

If you notice that your tap is leaking, first be sure to turn off the water supply. Look for the isolator valve, which looks like a slot-head screw. Use a stopcock to turn off the water and proceed to open up the water tap to inspect the washer. If the washer is faulty, you should get it replaced immediately.

Leaking Sink

A leaking sink’s problem is less straight forward compared to a leaking tap. A leaking sink can be caused by various issues. One of the possible reasons for a leaking sink could be a leak in the water hose. This leak is easy to detect because you will be able to observe that water to be sprayed all over the hose area. Another possible reason is a leak in the sink’s drain line. You can do a simple diagnosis by pouring some water down the drain and you can see that water leaking somewhere in the drain line.

Leaking Bathroom

Another common leakage in the house is a leaking bathroom. A leaking bathroom can cause damages to the flooring and ceiling. One of the more serious issues could be due to leaking pipes. This can be really difficult to diagnose, and you may need a professional plumber to do the diagnosis for you instead. Another common problem is when you start to observe that the caulk around your tiles or walls are depreciating and moisture has started to seep through it.

Leaking Toilet

Dealing with a leaking toilet can be really painful task, thus one should attempt to solve the problem as soon as possible. One possible cause could be a cracks in your toilet bowl. In that case, you might need to get the toilet bowl replaced. Another feature that you can look out for is the fill valve. The fill valve is the thing that regulates the intake of water and if it is faulty, it may allow water to trickle into the cistern. If you notice that your toilet’s cistern overflow is blocked, then you might need to just get a plumber to fix this issue for you or get it replaced.

All in all, here are the several common leakages in the home, and sometimes one has to understand that without the proper tools and experience, it may not be wise to attempt to solve those problems on your own, and getting a professional can actually be better in the long run.

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