How to Ensure your Fence Stands Out from the Rest

These days, there are a lot of options for building fences which differ in functionality, style, and material. Whether your fence is built with functionality in mind or as an extension of your home, you may want to give it a contemporary look and feel that make it stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Below are some tips to help you achieve this:

Invest in Hardwood

Hardwoods such as Mangaris and Brazilian Ipe will make your fence stand out. While they require a significant investment, they are stunning fence materials. Aside from lasting for decades, these hardwoods will retain their structure and look gray in color over time. A hardwood fencer should be built with a sounder structural base because the wood is heavier than softwood such as cedar and redwood.

Consider Horizontal Slats

Horizontal slats that cover the posts will give the traditional wood fence a contemporary twist. They can be positioned close together to give your property full privacy or installed with some space between them for more air flow and visibility. With wide wooden slats, you will be able to achieve a modern and smooth look. Also, you can stain this wood to match the color of other wood structures in your home. In fact, if you wish to create a custom pattern, you can stain various slats in different shades.

Combing Fencing Materials

These days, technology has helped in elevating materials such as composite, vinyl, and aluminum for fencing. You can combine any of these materials with wood to create a unique look. But, you must research fencing materials before getting to work to make sure they fit together correctly. Established lumber yards Houston have experts who can give you helpful insights regarding this option.

Consider a Frontier Fence

For hundreds of years, fences have been built in properties to maintain privacy or keep strangers and animals out. However, before modern materials, advanced home designs, wholesale lumber yards came into existence, people made their fences with any available materials with a focus on functionality. But, these fences are still a trend in today’s homes.

A frontier fence is still commonly installed in ranches and on any home to come up with a unique property border. They are built using rough and raw lumber to provide almost unobstructed views of the land beyond a property. This kind of fence will make any house stand out from the rest.

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