How To Improve Your Homes Front Door Security

Your home is without a doubt one of the most precious assets in your life and the place where you keep all your valuables. Home security has become a major concern among homeowners in New Mexico. Every year thousands ofhomeowners in the United States become a victim of burglary and break-ins. Whileinsurance companies cover most of the cost of their valuables, homeowners still incur losses due to damage to their property and replacing certain items that were not covered by their insurance plan.

The good news is,there are certain ways you can deterburglars and beef up the security of your home. Most burglars tend to enter homes by forcing open the front doors or windows. They can also cut through wooden front doors using various tools that are easily available in the market. Picking locks is also a common trick that burglars use to break into homes.

Here are some simple tips to help you increase the security of your home front door and ensure the safety of your loved ones and valuables:

Invest In Smart Technology Features

Thanks to the rapid technological innovations and automation, homeowners today have various options for installing smart technology for the front doors of their homes.Many criminals will think twice before attempting to enter a home with smart technology features such as doorbell cameras, access control panels, and various other surveillance equipment. Homeowners can also install technology that alerts them through their smartphone every time someone is at the door. However, installing all these features can be quite expensive, and you need to invest in the right type of doors, such as steel or wrought iron doors, to ensure the efficiency of smart technology.

Reinforce Your Front Door Locks

Another great way to improve the security of the front door is to install reinforced door locks. Reinforced locks are a lot harder to break or pick compared to standard door locks, and most criminals avoid attempting to rob homes that have reinforced locks. Most criminals like to get inside a home as quickly as possible, and the time it takes to break into a home with a reinforced lock on their exterior doors equals more risk than they are usually willing to take.

Adding Biometric Security Features:

Another effective method of increasing your front door security is replacing traditional locks with biometric security. With the advancement in technology, getting biometric security for your home is easier and more affordable than ever. The access can be linked to your fingerprints or facial recognition, which means there is nothing left for the potential criminals to pick or break to enter the house. However, you need to enter the fingerprints of all the residents, and accessing the security feature can be difficult for children and not recommended for larger families.

Install A Deadbolt

Having a deadbolt is one of the most effective and traditional ways of improving the front door security of homes. The bolt is extremely difficult for criminals to get past, and even if they do, they are bound to make a lot of noise as they break the door.Criminals and burglars attempt to break into housessilently. The risk of making a commotion by trying to get past a door with a deadbolt usually deters them from even attempting to break into a home.

Upgrade Your Front Door

Another highly effective way of improving the physical security and durability of your front door is to upgrade it. Experts recommend wrought iron doors and steel doors for homeowners looking to increase the security and structural durability of the exterior doors of the house. The materials used to make steel and wrought iron are incredibly strong and are more resistant to breaking and bendingcompared to wooden and aluminum front doors. It is also almost impossible to cut them open or kick them down, which is easier to do with wooden doors.

Wrought iron doors are also designed with glass panels.This increases the visibility for homeowners when someone comes to the front door. Even if the security camera placement is unable to get a good view of the person outside, the glass panels allow the residents to see who is at the front door, improving the security aspect.

Wrought iron and steel doors are also visually intimidating and can help deter criminals from even attempting to break-in in the first place. A potential criminal will usually move past a home with a wrought iron or steel front door because they know they will have a difficult time getting in that house.

Install Embedded Locks

The locks on wooden doors can usually be disabled or disassembledfrom the outside. Other types of doors, such as wrought iron or steel doors, have embedded locks where the locking mechanism is protected by heavy-duty iron or steel sheets. This means that the criminals won’t have access to the mechanism, making it almost impossible for them to disable the lock or compromise its integrity from the outside.

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