How to Make your Home Uniquely Appealing

Have you ever been impressed by a unique design statement when visiting friends? Some people like to experiment with interior décor, pushing the boundaries of creativity and the result can be a breath-taking feature that people talk about.

Here are a few features that would transform your interior into a unique space.

  • Water wall – These are really cool and with a deep blue backlight, you can create a dreamy ambience. You have exterior and interior water walls, and when professionally installed, they require little attention. The sound of running water is soothing and with a Google search, you can read about the latest products and when you find the perfect package, a secure online payment will see the goods despatched to your home address.
  • Stained Glass – Why not make the best use of the large expanse of glass? There are suppliers of stained glass in Sydney, who can create stunning designs. The master glazier can create individual designs to the client’s specifications, which means you can really make a statement. When the sunlight hits stained glass, it creates an explosion of colour and for more details, search online for a stained glass supplier near you.
  • Spiral Staircase – Not as difficult or expensive as you might think; find a local joiner who has staircase experience, who would be happy to design and quote for the project. Anything is possible these days and with the right tradesman, you are sure to be more than happy with your new timber spiral staircase.
  • Cork Flooring – Sustainable cork makes for the perfect floor covering, with a soft and silent walking experience, with stunning colours and designs. Cork is harvested every 9 years, which is fully sustainable and what’s more, there are no synthetic materials used, with a 99% pure cork product designed for the ultimate flooring.
  • Engineered Stone – If you would like Italian marble in the kitchen and bathrooms at a fraction of the cost, engineered stone is an obvious choice. The highly skilled people that make this product can perfectly replicate the blue and gold veins of classic marble and a single slab is large enough to accommodate the average kitchen or bathroom. If you would like to view stunning designs, a Google search will take you to a local supplier of premier engineered stone and you’ll be happy when you see the prices.

All of the above are chic features and there’s no end to the unique aspects you can create to make your home a little different.

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