The Newest Trend in Flooring – Bamboo Flooring

Hardwood floor look beautiful and charming and it is used broadly around the globe like a preferred flooring material. While it may be very chic and delightful, it’s also much common. The most recent trend in flooring options is applying bamboo like a flooring material.

Bamboo is really not really a wood, but a kind of grass. Bamboo is renowned for growing in a high speed meaning it’s replaced considerably faster as compared to the other kinds of wood. Using bamboo for flooring ensures there are no bad effects around the atmosphere, and that’s why lots of people decide to go green with bamboo floorings. With bamboo floors, homeowners possess a choice or vertical or flat grains.

Generally, bamboo flooring will come in its natural honey shade or perhaps in a more dark shade. The more dark amber shade however is achieved through steaming, that makes it softer and fewer sturdy compared to natural bamboo. There may also be dyed or stained flooring possibilities with some manufacturers.

Bamboo floor manufacturing

For turning bamboo into flooring materials, the bamboo canes are first reduce lengthy strips and therefore are then steamed and steamed for any lengthy time to ensure they are soft and flat. A resin can be used to using them as the laminated boards which are then employed for flooring.

Though bamboo appears to be really soft and lightweight weight it’s really as hard as oak or walnut wood. It is also utilized in homes where spills are extremely common since bamboo is really water and stain resistant.


Bamboo floors can be found in essentially two finishes, finished and incomplete. The incomplete bamboo floors have squared edges which fit together perfectly and when selected, homeowners may then finish them by themselves allow it a preferred effect and also to save cost.

The finished floors are sealed with the aid of memory causing them to be sturdy making it look more polished. However, after they are finished it wouldn’t be easy to provide them with a stain.

Points to consider

Due to the various advantages of bamboo flooring and it is natural look, bamboo floors can be very costly. Based on whether or not they are finished or otherwise the price would vary. It is important to ask a couple of questions before thinking about getting bamboo floors for that house. You should request a dent resistant bamboo floor because it would be sure that the floor lasts longer and doesn’t get broken.

Processed bamboo can be quite hard and durable like oak so individuals who’re looking for any sturdy material should select bamboo planks which aren’t produced from the bottom or even the tip from the stalks. Another essential factor to think about is if to buy a finished floor. Homeowners also needs to ask the shop concerning the moisture content from the flooring. A good bamboo floor shouldn’t possess a moisture content in excess of 4 % from the sub-flooring.

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