Understanding the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofs

Residential and commercial roofs are essentially the same thing; they’re simply built on a different scale. However, the reality is that there are several variations between residential and commercial roofing. This post will go over some of the most significant distinctions between these two different types of roofs.

Installation Process

Placing a residential roof on the house has always been a simple and uncomplicated procedure. Roofers who are educated about many areas of commercial roofing, such as exterior plumbing, airflow systems, and other related topics, are in high demand in this industry. The ability to install both types of roofing systems is attributed to the fact that roofing specialists have competent crews who are knowledgeable about the various goods they offer and install.

Residential roofing is also rather simple to install and manufacture, which is a plus. While some homeowners may like to have solar panels installed, the only thing that stands in the way is a chimney. A commercial roof requires roofing experts who are experienced in working around smokestacks, airflow systems, and exterior pipe systems, among other things.


Commercial roofing prices in Perth are, on average, more expensive than the cost of roofing a residential property. While the larger surface area of a commercial roof is one factor, other factors such as the specialised tools, protective equipment, and other components necessary to complete the task may also be excessive compared to residential roofing jobs.

Function and Form

Homeowners desire a pleasing appearance for their homes, and the appearance of their roofs is still essential to them in this regard. This is one of the reasons why some individuals choose visually attractive materials such as tile.

Commercial structures are not subjected to the same aesthetic considerations. The majority of the time, you can’t even see the top of a skyscraper from the street level.

Size Matters

Unless you live in a mansion, the size of your residential roof will not be much different from the size of most other residential roofs. On the other hand, commercial buildings can vary significantly in size from one to the next and can have roofs that are far bigger than an ordinary dwelling. A business roof is often low-sloped or completely flat in design. Flat roofs require more frequent inspections and maintenance than pitched roofs.

Materials Used

Roofing materials for commercial buildings are frequently chosen based on the structure’s purpose; for example, if the structure houses heavy machinery, the roofing material must be able to withstand heat discharge. On the other hand, residential roofs are often built to the homeowner’s particular tastes in terms of aesthetics, durability, and upkeep.






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