What Causes Cracked Roof Tiles

If your house is suffering from a water leakage problem, then it is time for you to conduct a proper inspection of your roof. In particular, you should searched for any cracked roof tiles or other possible gaps in your waterproofing efforts. However, has it ever occurred to you to question what makes roof tiles crack in the first place? In understanding the underlying causes, you will be better equipped to conduct more effective maintenance efforts.

To start, not all tiles are made from the same material. Traditional tile materials included that of clay and cement, however they are increasingly being replaced by modern terracotta tiles. These new tiles are stronger than the original two materials. Clay and cement were prone to cracking in areas featuring regular rain due to the ability of moisture to penetrate the pores of the tiles. Subsequently, when excess heat is was trapped from the sun, the expansion of the tiles would lead to cracking. Additionally, older tiles tended to become brittle over time due to continuous wear and tear caused by the elements. On the other hand, terracotta tiles have a coating that prevents moisture penetration, thus allowing them to withstand strong elements such as gusts of wind and storms.

Beyond weather conditions, there are other factors that may cause roof tile cracks. Two of the most frequently cited causes include human foot traffic and fallen tree branches. Ironically, roofing works and routine inspections may cause more harm than good when done by non-professionals. For example, inexperienced homeowners who walk on their roof may unintentionally step on tiles in an angle that causes them to crack. At best, they would not have lost their balance and fallen, at worst they would have unknowingly created a point of penetration for water on your roof. Fallen tree branches are also another common cause for cracked tiles. If your house has a tree planted beside it, with branches hanging over your house, there is a chance of old branches falling on to your roof. As such, it is advisable to clear the tree of old branches before harm can be done to your roof’s tiles.

If you suspect that your roof has cracked tiles, you should engage professionals capable of cracked roof tile repair. Time is a big factor here as the longer you wait, the longer your roof is susceptible to water penetration. Once water successfully penetrates past your roof, it becomes hard to actually determine the point of entry as the liquid is highly capable of travelling long distances along hidden portions of your house. Over time, water would accumulate in spaces conducive for such deposits, thus inflicting structural damage to that space.

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