Why Is Roof Insulation Important?

There are different ways to keep your house protected from harmful substances. But when you are getting your house constructed, you will also have to consider insulation to keep down the energy costs.

The most important type of insulation is roof insulation since it is the part of your house that will get exposed to the sunlight the most. There are various reasons why getting roof insulation is so important.

Conserves Energy

In the winter, you will rely on heating to keep the inside of your house warm. But if your roof is not insulated, you will fail to keep the heat inside your house and have to keep the heating on at all times. In summer, it will be impossible for you to keep the heat out and as a result, you will have to use air conditioning constantly to maintain cooler temperatures.

There are different types of material you can use to insulate your home. If you go for concrete roof insulation (known as ฉนวนหลังคาคอนกรีต in Thai), you will be able to conserve more energy and keep the heat inside in winter and outside in summer.

Saves Money

Everyone has to spend extra money on heating and air conditioning during winter and summer months. Although most people think that it is impossible to save money on electricity bills, it is possible. When roof insulation conserves energy, you won’t have to use heating or air conditioning that much. As a result, your electricity and heating bill will go down. You will save a lot of money annually simply by getting your roof insulated once.

The money you save will depend on the type of material you use for the insulation. So, do your research on insulation material before choosing one for your roof.

Provides Protection to Your Home

If moisture gets inside your roof, it can damage the structure. It is also quite dangerous for the belongings in your attic. But if your roof is insulated, it can protect your house from moisture. It is also important for protecting your house from snow dams. Even if you don’t have an attic, getting roof insulation is a must.

People who have attics may not notice if there’s an ice dam for a long time. And by the time they do realise, the damage may already have been done. But if they get roof insulation before moving into their house, they won’t have to worry about any surprises.

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