5 Ways To Appeal To A New Generation Of Homeowners

With a new generation of homeowners on the horizon, those already on the housing market, particularly property developers, are now looking at how best to appeal to changing preferences. Many of the interior designs and property features that were once celebrated are no longer being favoured in the same way, with Generation Z already demonstrating that their idea of home is sometimes dramatically different.

To show you how these changes are manifesting, we’re sharing five ways that those designing or selling a property can appeal to a new generation of homeowners and ensure they get the best potential value for their property when placing it on the market.

No More Carpet

Over the past two decades, carpets have begun to disappear from homes. No longer are the colours, textures, and designs being welcomed into homes. That’s not to say hardwoods and tiles are reigning supreme, since rugs are remarkably popular, especially as an affordable way to bring colour to a room. However, wall-to-wall carpeting is certainly far less popular than it once was.

New homeowners are now valuing clean and natural flooring instead, opting for underfloor heating options, as well as an array of stylish rugs. So, if your property has carpeting, it might be time to tear it up.

Shift The Focus

Gen Z are also demonstrating less of an interest in living spaces being defined by entertainment systems, which is why television-centric spaces are being challenged. Instead, furniture is being arranged and designed to cultivate areas of social and personal benefit, with entertainment technology being relegated to its own space or being integrated with modular, and therefore discrete, designs.

Garden Buildings

As much of the nation’s garden equipment, such as lawnmowers, become smaller or altogether redundant, sheds are being replaced with more useful spaces. These alternative outbuildings are taking the form of luxurious log cabins and summer houses, spaces that can offer respite or daily utility.

For some, this can be as practical as a home office space, which is certainly valuable to a new wave of remote workers. To others, it is the perfect opportunity to create a space that embraces the natural landscape of the outdoors, making it ideal for relaxation and escape.

Sustainability Is Key

For a home to be comfortable, it must feel good. That isn’t solely to say that it should be comfortable (that’s a given) but it should be designed with the environment in mind. Newer generations are increasingly eco-conscious and the plastics of millennial interior design simply don’t hold up. Instead, it’s all about natural and organic materials, with fabrics that aren’t artificial.

Be Bold

Many developers will choose to simply paint a home white. It’s a classic trope to the point of parody, largely driven by the pursuit of neutrality and, therefore, wide appeal. However, this characterless colour is being rejected by Gen Z, with a counter-culture preference for bold and bright colours being valued instead. So, while it may seem like the safe option to embrace whites and greys, it can be much better to take a risk and embrace the confidence of colour.

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