Commercial Water Haulers Provide a Valuable Service

If you like being on your own for long stretches of time and enjoy driving, north dakota water hauling might be a good fit for you. Haulers drive large trucks and tankers full of wastewater from the wells to treatment stations. The job requires a special license, but it pays very well. Some people relish the solitude of hours alone on the road and enjoy this kind of work.

What Kind of License Is Required?

In order to drive any large trucks commercially, you will need a commercial driver’s license or CDL. If you want to get involved in north dakota water hauling, you need to be 21 years old, be proficient in English, be in good health and pass an eye exam. You will need to get a learner’s permit first and then take a test to get your license.┬áMany people choose to attend truck driving school before applying for their CDL.

What Do Water Haulers Do?

The oil and gas industry uses water in the drilling process and needs people to drive trucks full of wastewater away from the well site. This water, known as brine, is hauled to treatment facilities and sometimes used in the construction industry to wet down road surfaces before paving. Water haulers can work for companies or as independent contractors. If you work for a company, they will provide your truck and service it for you. Independent contractors usually own their own rigs, in which case you are responsible for making sure your truck is mechanically sound and safe and that you have the necessary permits.

What Is the Job Like?

Like other jobs in the oil and gas industry, water haulers make good money. Web sites list salaries between $50,000 and $100,000 a year. Some things to consider, though, are the rather isolated conditions. Drilling rigs move from place to place, so these jobs can be transitory in nature. To avoid disrupting family life too much, many oil and gas workers leave their families at home and come to work for several weeks at a time. Also, truck driving means being by yourself for long stretches of time, but some people enjoy that. You also need to be able to tolerate sitting for several hours at a time.

Working in the oil and gas fields offers good-paying opportunities for independent-minded people who don’t mind driving alone. Look into commercial water hauling today; it might be just the change you’ve been looking for.

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