Picnic Planning: Tips and Suggestions

We Australians love the great outdoors and the picnic is a tradition with families across the country, and if you are planning to spend a tranquil day in an idyllic spot, there are a few things to consider. Comfort and convenience do not necessarily have to be compromised when preparing an outdoor meal, and with that in mind, here are a few great tips to ensure your picnic experience is an enjoyable one.

  • Picnic Basket – We can safely assume that you will picnic often, therefore, it makes sense to invest in a custom picnic basket that will stand the test of time. You can, for example, buy picnic baskets online that are ingeniously designed and contain all those items that you might one day need. The range includes stylish baskets to accommodate from 2-6 people, and elegantly woven with wicker and lined with cotton, all the essential items can be securely packed, ready for use.
  • Cooler Boxes – You will need at least one cooler box, filled with ice and drinks, which will keep you cool right through to the early evening. If your vehicle can be parked nearby, so much the better, as you can store chairs and mats with ease. White wine and beer always taste best when chilled, and the ice should last you for the duration of the picnic.
  • Shade – If you take an extra groundsheet or windbreak, this can be used to give you some much-needed shade, if you can’t find natural shade, that is. It is worth walking around to look for the ideal spot, specifically looking for a sheltered area, and if you are short of ideas as to picnic locations, a Google search will help you locate well-known picnic spots in your area.
  • Trash Bag – We must respect nature, so make it a habit to always put any waste in a bag to be removed when you leave, and try not to disturb anything unnecessary, leaving the natural beauty for someone else to enjoy.
  • Music – We all love music and for a few dollars you can buy a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to listen to your favourite tracks while relaxing in a lovely spot.

With a sturdy picnic basket and your favourite food and drink, you are ready for a pleasant day, and with a little online research about the location you choose and with all of the above taken into account, your picnic should be remembered for all the right reasons.
















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