Design 101: How To Design An Impressive DIY Home Décor Blog?

As more homeowners find new ways to get things done at home, the popularity of DIY blogs and websites continues to surge. DIY or Do It Yourself blogs and websites on home improvement, décor, and interior design make considerable money, often through ad revenue, and paid partnerships. If you have an eye for detail and specialize in DIY projects, you should launch your own blog. The first part of making a website is to select a domain name and hosting plan. For the Content Management System, WordPress is always a great choice. Below, we are discussing a few aspects about the design.

Ready themes vs. customized design

There are two ways to set a DIY or home décor blog. The first choice is to hire an expert web designer, who will charge a fixed price for customizing a theme for your blog. The second choice is to use a ready theme, or design one from scratch. With website builders, especially some of the better ones like WordPress, Wix and Weebly, you can actually get the blog ready in no time. If you are short on budget, or don’t want to spend huge initially, this is a good alternative by all means.

Selecting colors, font and other details

The success of a home décor or DIY website depends largely on the instant appeal and look. Most visitors wouldn’t spend more than a minute if they don’t like the overall feel of the website. Start by thinking of your blog as a brand, and you have to select a color mix that will remain consistent, even when the website theme is changed. The font for home décor blogs can be unique and creative, but it is always wise to select one that’s readable and feels personal.

The relevance of photos and videos

Good photos matter the most for DIY websites and blogs. While you can rely on stock photos to some extent, you still need original high-quality photos for your blog. It is wise idea to invest in a good camera, so that the photos don’t feel cheap or shabby. Since we are talking of DIY projects here, you may also want to shoot a few videos that further enhance the overall content appeal.

Presentation is extremely critical for home improvement websites, and you want a theme that represents your ideas in the best possible ways and adds rich aesthetic value to the contents.






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