Most Common Refrigerator Issues and Their Quick Do-It-Yourself Fixes

The fridge is the heart and soul of our kitchen, so it has to be running efficiently at all times. For the first five years, that’s what it’ll probably do. Then slowly, it will start experiencing technical hiccups. Before you know it, food is spoiling sooner, or your cold cuts aren’t lasting that long anymore.

These problems come so rarely but surely, so you have to be prepared with the proper know-how. If the problems go beyond this list, be sure to contact an appliance repairman from a reliable company in Salt Lake City or wherever you live. Otherwise, these common refrigerator mishaps should be manageable.

The fridge isn’t cooling enough

If your freezer is running but the refrigerator isn’t cooling anything inside, you’re looking at one of three possible problems. It could be that your condenser coil is frost-clogged, your condenser fan is stuck, or your compressor is malfunctioning.

Simply cleaning and removing obstructions will do the trick for your condenser coil and fan. However, fixing a bad compressor requires replacing the start relay or buying a new compressor altogether.

The fridge is freezing everything

Another effect of a frost-clogged coil is accidentally freezing some food items in your refrigerator. This happens because the compressor needs to work extra hard to retain the freezer temperature.

The malfunction may also be coming from the thermostat or the temperature-sensitive thermistor that regulates the damper and the condenser fan. Test for functionality by applying a small current and measuring their resistance.

There’s water leaking to the floor

Simple solutions to an unforeseen water leak involve flushing out the defrost drain, clearing out any blockage to the drain, and replacing the drain pan if it’s showing signs of breakage.

If your fridge has a built-in ice maker or water dispenser, water-line connections to the ice maker or the dispenser’s water filter may have worn out and are thus causing the leak.

Ice is building up in the freezer

Clogged freezer drains and broken gaskets, seals, and freezer door hinges are the perceivable causes of ice build-up in the freezer. To solve this, simply clean the seals and clear the drain of any obstruction. If the door isn’t sealing the freezer shut, consider replacing the door or buying a new gasket overall. If all these don’t work, then you may have a broken defrost timer, which will need a professional fix.

It’s running loudly all the time

The reason your refrigerator seems to hum loudly for hours is that its condenser coils are clogged with dust or debris. You’d want to clean it immediately, as a fridge that’s working twice as hard can cause an uptick in your utility bills. If this doesn’t solve it, then you may have more serious issues, such as a defective motor, thermostat sensor, or condenser.

There’s a spoiled, stinking smell

A foul smell emanating from your refrigerator can come from various sources. It could merely be that leftover food has spoiled inside, or a product has expired due to being in your fridge for too long. However, it could also be a systemic problem: your drip pan has accumulated grime and mold.

To avoid affecting other food items, deep-clean the drip pan immediately. You’d want to scrub your vegetable bin and your fridge’s interior wall, too.

If the problem persists but you can’t determine the source, don’t dismantle your refrigerator; just call a professional and save yourself from the trouble.

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