Garage Door Maintenance – All the Top Tips

Taking care of your garage door guarantees longevity. Like any machine in your home, it needs maintenance and cleaning from time to time. If you neglect maintenance and cleaning duties, your garage door will eventually run into problems. It may be past the point of repair and a costly replacement is the only option.

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Look & Listen

One of the most important things to do when checking your garage door is to look and listen. An effective way to assess electric garage doors is to operate the door and listen for any strange sounds. If you hear scratching, shaking or grinding there could be a problem with your garage door. The best way to have it checked is to call a professional.

Look After the Tracks

The tracks are very important when it comes to your garage door, if they are dirty or damaged, your garage door will struggle to run a smooth, full cycle. If they aren’t perfectly straight, you should call a garage door expert to re-align them.

You should clean tracks by yourself, using the right solution to remove any dirt or foreign objects.

Keep it Tight

Take a look at all the nuts and bolts to ensure everything is properly fastened. A wrench will help you secure rollers, bolts and hinges.

Assess the Condition of the Rollers

Your rollers attach your door to the tracks on each side, if they are damaged they’ll need to be replaced. Rollers don’t last forever, so make sure you check them every few months to ensure they are in good condition. If the rollers are frayed, cracked or chipped, replace them yourself or call a professional to help.

Apply Oil to All Essential Moving Parts

Your garage door will be exposed to the elements and certain parts of the door will get rusty if not kept well lubricated. Regularly applying oil to your garage doors will ensure all moving parts are kept in excellent condition, ensuring a good range of movement. Lubricating the doors also helps to reduce stress on other parts of the system. Remember to only put oil on metal components.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will help to keep your garage door in great working order. If you take care of it, you’ll have less problems in the future. Neglecting a garage door makes it deteriorate faster until you reach a point where you need a complete replacement.

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