How Automated Gates Are Useful For Residential Premises

Residential premises need to be secured with impregnable locking systems. But, not all entrances in the residential premise are vulnerable. There are certain entry points which require unrestricted access too. Such entry points can have automated gates which come with features like:

  1. CCTV surveillance: Most of the external gates of the premise can be equipped with CCTV surveillance. The record of visitors captured on camera helps in preventing the crime. This also offers easy cracking up of crime cases as people entering the premise can be identified with CCTV footage.
  2. Remote control: Automated gates can have sliding doors which can be opened using remote control. In such cases, the owners or the managers can talk to the visitors first and then allow them entry through remote control.
  3. Video buzz system: Disabled inmates of the house can see the monitor first to know about the visitor. The camera enabled with microphone allows the inmates to talk, too, to know the purpose and then with remote control, automated gates can be opened.

Not all automated gates are designed to open on their own. Some of these come with padlocks or number pads. In commercial premises, the employees or authorized personnel are given a sensor on the side of the gate. They can hover their ID card which is enabled with chip to ascertain their authority. Sometimes, they may require punching their employee code to open the door. These types of entrances make it easy to record the attendance; these can also be used for maintaining the secrecy of the work being done inside the premises.

Beneficial features of automated gates

The automated gates come with the multiple features loaded with benefits. Some of the best beneficial features of these gates are:

  • Added security for car park areas

The gates with automation are applied to the car park areas. In these areas, the doors open as and when the cars enter the periphery. Thus, car owners need not come out of the vehicle to open the gates. They can enter the parking area seamlessly.

  • DDA compliance

Automated gates offer handsfree entrance to the premises. All the premises need to be compliant with disability discrimination act. The door automation makes it easy to comply with this act. The disabled people can enter the premise without requiring to use the hands or to get up.

  • Easy movement of goods

Gate automation feature is applied in the areas where the bulk goods are being moved. People carrying heavy goods or bulk materials need handsfree access to the entry points of storage areas. Thus, such gates are helpful in these areas.

  • Added cover for the doors and windows of the shops

The automated doors and windows do not leave any scope of neglect. These remain closed tight and have no possibility of tampering. Shop owners add these gates to the main gates and enhance the security levels of the premise.

  • Added convenience of entry

Areas with high footfall require automated entry solutions for easy movement of people. Such points when open or close automatically eliminate the need of manual guarding and the manual effort is eliminated as well. These doors can further be improvised with the recording system to count the total number of people entering the premise per day. This helps in formulating sales strategies too.

  • Interlocking feature for added security

The door automation can be strengthened further with interlocking system. The interlock can be controlled remotely. Such gates definitely are harder to tamper with and thus, secure the areas where high safety is required.

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