Perfect Pop Up Tents you Can Utilize

Tired of taking twenty minutes the day of arrival to set up your tent and twenty others the day of departure to dismantle it? We understand you. Even if we love camping and we now have a real know-how to set them up, we are never against an instant tent when we go on a road trip where we have to unfold it every night.

The Easy Choice?

If you want a tent that is easy and quick to pitch, take a look at the little comparison of the best instant camping tents that we have put together for you.

When we talk about easy-erect tents with friends, we are always surprised to see that they imagine these accessories only available for one or two person models. This is false and this model proves it.


With its sleeping dimensions of 290 x 200 cm, its ceiling height of 130 cm and a superb storage space, this instant tent is ideal for sleeping 4 to 5 people. We often use it for four, with my partner and my two children, and we have plenty of room to move and store our bags. With the Pop up tents for sale you can have the smartest solutions.

The self-supporting structure guarantees perfect installation. This 2 second tent opens quickly. Just remove it from its cover, remove the strap and put it on the ground for the tent to take shape. It is a real pleasure to have such material.

  • Another interesting feature of this quick-pitch tent, it has two large doors, one at the front and the other at the rear. You no longer have to wait until the first sleeper is awake to get out of your bed. This also allows better ventilation in the morning or in the evening if it has been very hot during the day.
  • Easy to fold up, the tent is also simple to transport. If you go trekking for a few days, put it on your back and move on. Admittedly, it is a bit bulky but its weight less than 4 kg is pleasant. Personally, for the treks, we prefer that each has their own 1-person tent and the door, but this is a completely personal opinion.

If you’ve gone through my other tent comparators, you’ve already noticed this tent. We praised its qualities on that of tents for three people and we will not contradict ourselves. It is really excellent.

Last Words

As the manufacturer certifies it, and as we saw when using it, it takes about 30 seconds to install. During this time, the structure takes shape and you put the different stakes to guarantee its stability. All accessories are obviously supplied with the tent.

In addition to its elegant design, the tent, with its Quick up System which gives it the desired shape in a very short time, is exceptional in quality. It supports rain perfectly with its waterproof seams. If you travel to a wetland, you will thank it every night when you are warm while the rain hits the canvas. The solid fiberglass structure creates a beautiful surface. It allows sleeping 3 people with a little space between each sleeper.

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