Top Features to Check From an Attic Ladder

It’s good, to be honest. However, you will realize that choosing a loft ladder is far from feeling excited, because the perfect loft you want is hard to get.

If you want to buy one for your home, there are features vital to look. In this article, I have highlighted top features that are crucial in a loft ladder.

  • The correct size of the loft

When you are visiting your nearest store or buying online, consider the size of the loft. In the stores, there are various sizes that you can choose, and having the right size of a loft ladder is vital.

Besides, when choosing the right size, don’t forget about the number of segments needed. Even though the number of segments will entirely depend on the space you have. For number of segments, they are available in two, three, or four segments.

  • Easy installation of loft ladder

If there is a vital thing to check with loft ladder, it is choosing a well designed such that it can easily be installed. If it has a better design, the correct type you will get will give you ease of access of your hatch.

If you come across an easy to install loft ladder, it means that you have saved time and cost.

  • Safety of loft ladder

It might look obvious, but the safety of a loft ladder is essential. So, its something that needs to be overlooked often. If you are picking for safety purpose, remember that different products will not have equal safety measures.

For safety purpose, it is essential to look at these different ways:

Recess locking system- its necessary to keep your family safe from these types of the ladder. So, buying a recess locking system is crucial. This type will always ensure that the loft ladder doesn’t fall even after opening the door. However, the lock stays in position until the moment it is released.

Slip resistance treads – for this type of loft ladders; they will have groups positioned such that they add security and stability of the loft ladder. Make accessing the loft safe by using a secure loft ladder.

Pre-fitted handrail- it’s one of the loft ladders that will ensure you have maximum safety. Next time you go for a loft ladder that guarantees you safety, choose one of this type. The type will offer a grip during ascending and descending of your loft ladder. Besides, it is one type of a ladder that gives you less chance of getting subsequent and stumbled injuries.

  • The energy efficiency of loft ladder

It might be the first thing to pick in a loft ladder, but its an essential thing to consider. It is said that most of the heat losses occurring in homes are through the loft spaces.

In such incidences, it will be essential to pick a loft ladder that can offer you with the best energy efficiency. It will become energy efficiency at long last.

So, while choosing for a product giving you the best, pick one with an insulated trap door, having a continuous seal and low u-valve to provide you with extra insulation.

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