Roofing is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of every house and its appearance has an impact on how the house will look. When you are undergoing or planning to undergo a house renovation, then picking out the right coloured shingle for your roof can be quite the task. Once you’ve decided on the kind of material that you want to use, the next step involves deciding from the various colours available. The thing that makes this deciding procedure even more overwhelming is the fact that you will have to stick by this roofing decision for at least 20 to 30 years. Here are some simple steps which can help you make your decision.

What are the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a colour?

When you are picking out the colour of your shingles, you should try to match them with the tones of the brick, wooden siding, stone or the stucco of your house. If your house is white, grey or blue, then you can opt for either a dark grey or a back shingle. A mix of cream and brown shingles or brown shingles can be opted for if your house is either, brown cream or tan. When choosing a colour for the shingle of either green, red or yellow home, you can opt for any colour which could be accompanied by a brown, grey or black roof. When you are choosing a colour make sure it complements the rest of your house.

The weather conditions should be kept in mind while picking out the colour of the shingles, this can go a long way in keeping down the energy costs. Opt for light coloured shingles if you live in a hot climate and dark shingles for cold climate. Also, keep in mind the style of your house. The styles which complement a Victorian home, may not be the perfect fit for the modern home. You could drive around several neighbourhoods to get an idea of which type of shingle would look best with homes similar to yours. You could also use a virtual home visualizer tool which will help you to preview how different shingles will look. You could also ask your roofing contractor for advice as they have years of experience and valuable insights to offer.

Keep maintenance in mind when picking out the colour

Before making the final call about which colour shingle to opt for, you need to take into account how you are going to maintain it and how long will it last. Depending upon the shingle that you have chosen, a properly maintained roof could last for about 20 to 30 years if you take proper care of it. Make it a point to clear your roof of any debris at least once a year. Carry out an inspection on your own after a rain or high wind to check for damages. Leaving dirt or leaves can cause erosion of the shingles and also make your roof weak.

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