Reduce Clutter and Give Your Garage a Refreshing Look

Is your garage a bit cramped? Is it covered in leaves and dirt? If so, take some time to make a few adjustments, perhaps adding a bit of calm to your day. After all, it can be frustrating to enter a chaotic space. By establishing a sense of order, you may just find items faster and feel a bit better. Here are three things to consider as you restructure the space.

Purchase a Rack

Move things into designated areas. To do this, purchase organizers for up high and along the walls. Before heading to the store, though, make a diagram of the room and lay out where items would best be located. For example, overhead racks work well for totes and bulky items such as toys used infrequently or holiday items. In addition, you can attach hangers to the unit, allowing access for materials more frequently used. Consider dangling small coolers, children’s toys, and sports equipment. Next, get a feeling for what you want still on the floor. Lawn care equipment, bikes and your most often used belongings probably deserve that space, making it easy to grab and put away.

Paint the Room

Adding new color to the walls and floor might revitalize the location. Start with the sides, picking a neural color. Then, think about purchasing epoxy floor coating to give the ground a layer of protection and an inviting look. This finish also helps prevent moisture absorption, making cleanup just a bit easier.

Install a Sink

Some of the messiest projects occur in the yard or the garage. Rather than use the hose or walk inside, have a sink available. Here you can wash hands or tools, keeping grime outside. Hang a mirror and paper towel holder as well, letting people sanitize those fingers before walking inside.

Hang Up Tools

Are you having difficulty finding your tools? Even a toolbox can get overstuffed. Think about putting up a magnetic strip or peg board. Both items could offer convenience. When something isn’t needed, place it up until later. Unlike traditional storage, though, the piece is still visible, ready for you to locate when needed next.

Remove Trash

Unpleasant odors linger, especially in spots with little air; therefore, keep the garbage outside, hidden behind bushes or fencing. Just make sure you have a can that locks, so that animals stay out and the trash stays in.

Don’t waste time sifting through materials, and don’t let the garage become the catch all for belongings. Instead, dedicate some time to finding your vision, constructing a neat, functional piece.






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