Choosing the right curtains and blinds in Singapore

Curtains and blinds are both really useful home appliance that act as a highly functional window shade and they can also be a complement to your home’s furnishings and interior design. However which one should you choose? Singapore is a really sunny place and thus, having an effective window shade is almost a need for a home. If you are living in a hot country and are left undecided on which window shade you should choose, do not fret. In this article we will help to guide you through some of these factors that one should consider before deciding and at the end of the day, you would be able to decide which among the two is the most suitable for your home. If you would need immediate assistance, you can simply look for a Curtains and blinds Singapore specialist and let them guide you throughout the whole process.


Blocking out sunlight from your home is definitely one of the main functions that one would be looking out for, as too much sunlight can really be distracting and even harmful for both your eyes and skin. Not only that, but it could affect your furniture as well. If you are looking to get window blinds, then go for a thicker blinds and get blinds that are able to reflect the heat caused by the sunrays as well. For curtains, note that the colour might change overtime due to constant exposure to the sunlight, thus do take into account how your curtain might look like in the long run. Choose light-coloured fabrics as they are better for reflecting the sunrays and heat away.


If you are living near the ground level and are more susceptible to public noise, then consider materials that are able to block out sound better. Nowadays there are soundproof curtains that are able to do just that for you. For blinds, wood and bamboo are more suitable to carry out this role.


If you concern about the interior design of your home, then do not just think about the functionality of the curtain or blind, and think about how these window shades can complement your home’s interior design and furnishings. For curtains, there are several fabrics to choose from, thus choose an appropriate colour that will complement your home. For blinds, think about the different materials available and choose one that will go well with your furniture.


Lastly, think about the maintenance cost and time needed for your curtain or blind. In general, cleaning blinds can be more of a hassle compared to cleaning a curtain set. For curtains, you can simply uninstall it and throw it into the washing machine or dry clean it, depending on the fabric. However for blinds, you would need to take of each layer and panel and can be quite laborious as usually you would need a dry cloth to clean it manually.

All in all, consider these factors before deciding whether you should go with a curtain or blind.

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