Should we Reface, Replace or Paint kitchen cabinets?

The major component of any kitchen is its kitchen cabinets. People notice it more often. If you feel that the kitchen cabinets are worn out or require a new look, you can choose any of the below:

·        Cabinet painting

·        Cabinet refacing

·        Replacing the whole cabinet

Before concluding, you need to consider many factors and choose the one which fits in your budget.  To help you decide, below are the details to find out about refacing, replacing, and painting the cabinets. Let us understand how the options help you in adding value to your space.

1.      Painting the cabinets

If you are fond of DIY, painting the cabinets is a great option. Other conditions where you can go for this option are:

·        Your budget is too small as you can save 60% to 70% cost of remodeling.

·        You have a chance to hire a painter who is an expert.

·        If you are inclined to finish the work in a definite period.

However, this option is not suitable in cases where the cabinets are having laminate fronts. Also, on a wooden surface, painting may lead to warping.

2.      Cabinet refacing

It is mainly chancing the skin of your cabinets. You can easily improve the surface look without buying a whole new cabinet. It involves replacing the drawer fronts, doors and such without moving the cabinet box.

When can you opt for refacing?

·        If you do not want to remove complete cabinets

·        If you are not interested to do a complete remodel of the kitchen space.


·        You can save 30% to 50% of the replacement cost.

·        There are a variety of color as well as design options to get a custom cabinet.

·        Professionals will help you with the installation to achieve better quality.

·        A great alternative in place of buying a new cabinet.

·        Require less maintenance compare to painted ones.

3.      Replacing kitchen cabinets

With time, your kitchen will face various kinds of wear or tear. Those which are made of wood may get leakage and get damaged due to water. All these conditions may force you to opt for cabinet replacement. This is most suitable if you are doing a complete renovation and not just refacing.

Conditions appropriate for cabinet replacement:

·        If the cabinets are badly damaged or falling apart.

·        Metal cabinets are facing rusting issues or there are other structural issues.

·        If you have planned to change the kitchen layout.

·        If you have thought about remodeling kitchen at full scale.

The cost of replacement may range from $12,000-$20,000, depending upon the contractor you choose.

Hopefully, the above analysis may have helped you in deciding which option is most suitable. Check on your budget before choosing the appropriate one.

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