Some People Don’t Mind it, But, For the Most Part, It Stinks

Hopefully you’ve never had any serious drainage issues before, although, you’ve probably smelt them from time to time as you walk around Solihull before. You’d have to be wrapped up in cotton wool to have never walked past a building or public toilet without having to cover your face with your t shirt or whatever is easy to grab hold of;

Stomach it, or not?

If you do have a blockage or some kind, no matter what it is, it usually causes a bad smell because blockages tend to take a while to build up and there will likely be an Aladdin’s cave of assorted ‘things’ that shouldn’t be put down the drain, as well as things that shouldn’t anywhere else but. The most common reason for blockages is in fact ‘wipes that are marketed as throwable’ which could give most people the impression that it’s ok to throw them down the loo.

Wipes down the loo?

The trouble is, most wipes are not biodegradable, any drainage companies in Solihull will be glad to confirm, if you give them a call that is. If they are, then they’ll take some time to do so, in the meantime, if you put wipes down the loo, the chances are you are going to cause yourself a backup, worse still, you might not know anything about it, but your neighbors may well have a backup that was nothing to do with them.

Get the pros in

Even if you’ve got the stomach for the job, you will, unlikely have the correct equipment.   If you don’t, there’s a big chance that, it will happen again.

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