Sourcing Ingredients for A Restaurant or Catering Company

When sourcing ingredients for your restaurant or catering business, give special consideration to the exact ingredients you are planning on using. Your menu will obviously dictate what you will be looking to buy. There’s a lot to consider. There’s nothing quite like a well-stocked kitchen. All the potential yummy dishes just waiting to be created is exciting for most chefs. A well-stocked spice rack is a joy to behold and is akin to an artist’s stock of paints and brushes.

Essential Ingredients for Any Kitchen

  • Bread and Baking – consider whether you are selling brown, whole wheat or white flour. Do you want bleached or unbleached flour? Are you considering offering any organic baked products? If so, make sure to research the wide range of products available.
  • Seasoning – spices, and flavorings are an important part of any kitchen and for many chefs and restaurant owners, the spice rack is the heart of the kitchen and therefore the heart of the entire business. Hiring a company such as Bisley International to source all your spices can be a weight off your mind. There are so many spices available these days that having the security of an established firm handling your ordering can be a real relief. Among the most common spices used in kitchens around the world include:

Cumin – used in Chinese, Indian, and Mexican cooking, cumin is considered by many to be the king of spices. Fragrant, warming, and sensual, cumin is often the first spice ordered by chefs.

Coriander – fresh, fruity, and versatile, coriander, or cilantro, is one of the most popular spices on earth.

Himalayan rock salt is popular worldwide for its intense flavor-enhancing properties and its famous pinkish hue. A little goes a long way and can be added to almost any food to add seasoning and flavor.

Pepper – freshly ground black peppercorn is one of the first things restaurateurs will be looking to buy when they start stocking their restaurant. The aromatic, instantly recognisable flavour can be added to thousands of dishes.

Fruit and vegetables – many food production companies now prepare fruits and vegetables for you, so you can buy them already prepared, and can use them immediately. This saves a lot of preparation time, which in turn saves you money as a restaurateur.

With so many fresh ingredients available to us these days, it is important we take the time to complete adequate market research before purchasing raw food ingredients.

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