Steps of Choosing Loft Ladder to Use At Home

If you are a home owner, then you need a loft ladder because it is a must-have access for a solution. In case you get safe access as a tradesperson or home user, it will help you access your place easily and therefore transform the place.

On the other hand, there are numerous types of loft ladders that are available in the market. So, it might be a hassle to decide the loft ladder that fits your attic perfectly. However, in the market, you get from aluminum to wooden loft ladders. Here are the ways that you can know the loft ladders that works best for you:

Step 1: Make Sure You Know One That Fits Your House

 If you are looking for a loft ladder, then you start by considering the role of the ladder.

For infrequent purpose, you need a loft ladder for uses while accessing attic places to check piping, household infrastructures. In such cases, it sounds better with aluminum or concertina loft ladder.

On the other hand, for frequent purposes, you could try a ladder because of  ease of access and safe. You can try the timber sliding because they are quieter than using aluminum ladders.

Step 2: Make Sure You Know Who Will Use the Ladder

In case you need a loft ladder for lifting heavy things, you will require heavy duty aluminum. However, for tradesmen, then choosing this heavy duty made with aluminum becomes the ideal one. Besides being expensive, the advantage is that they are safe and durable coming with superb features.

On the other hand, if you need a loft ladder for your home, you can choose one that are simple such that even children can use. So, they can be mobile. So having a sliding loft ladder is better because it is more stable and people having less confidence can use it. Besides, the type of ladder is also suitable for people with less experience while using ladders. So that you feel safe, you can consider one having handrail because it adds extra safety.

Step 3: Pick the Correct Size of the Loft Ladder

After making a decision on the suitable ladder, it will be time for you to choose the measurements of the type you need. So, while working out for the height, start measuring from your floor where it lands up to landing points on the top of the roof joints. Moreover, remember also to measure the loft hatch’s dimensions.

While looking from a reputable seller, choose one that gives accurate product descriptions with accurate measurements because it will be easy for you to identify the kind of a loft ladder that will suit your home best.


So that you can invest in your home by buying a loft ladder, you need to be cautious. There is no need to buy something that won’t last for long and therefore not suitable. So that you are sure that you are buying the correct thing, you can check on the sites reviews and see whether the company offers reputable services.






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