The Best of the Toy Storage for You Now In Your House

Your sofa is crumbling under the fluff, your carpet is strewn with building bricks, in short, your living room is overrun with toys.If you like this “playroom” atmosphere, don’t worry. But if you dream of finding an adult salon, here are some tips that could change your life.

Make up your mind

 There is a whole period when children will enjoy being with us, and even if they have a playroom of their own, they will bring their toys back to the living room. No quick fix, it’s going to be difficult to have a nickel living room like before. For the DIY toy storage this is important now.

Choose the games that have the right of place in the living room

Accepting to share the living room with your children’s toys does not prevent you from being selective! You can decide that the lounge is reserved for baby games or for grown-up games, for when baby takes a nap.

One game at a time!

 Very often, we wait until we have reached our tolerance threshold before intervening. Teaching your children to bring a game to the living room at the same time, and to put away their toys as they go, is life-saving!

Sort toys regularly

All the storage coaches contacted are unanimous; very often, children have too many toys. To avoid being overwhelmed, follow these tips so that the sorting of toys goes well

The rotation of toys, the solution to limit the number of toys

The solution inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, to prevent them from getting bored too quickly and constantly going to look for new ones: the rotation of toys.

Store a part of the toys apart (on the high shelves in the bedroom for example) and take out only a part. If they have fewer toys in their bedroom, they will have less desire to constantly bring new toys to the living room. Change the toys in the living room at the same time as you change the toys in the bedroom, for example every three months.

Don’t invade your kids either

Your children do not have to feel excluded from the living room but it must remain a common room. And this spirit of sharing must be reciprocal: The living room must not become the parents’ office either, with papers invading the dining table.

A storage bin to bring back to the bedroom each evening

Provide a small trunk or basket to easily bring the toys from the living room to the bedroom or playroom each evening. Make sure that they really put away: They shouldn’t just put the cart in front of the door.

One bin per type of toy

If the living room is used as a playroom, and there are a lot of toys, the expert recommends several bins (one for dolls, one per construction set). Have your children draw the games on labels, so that they will find it easier.






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