Tips for Lessening the Shock to Electronics When Moving

When the day comes you need to pack up your home for a big move, you need to make certain to box and secure your fragile belongings well enough that they are protected from bumps along the way. Few items need to be secured appropriately more than delicate electronics, including computers, tablets and audio-video equipment. To make sure these expensive electronic goods power up when you reach your destination, tape these packing tips to your to-do list.

Dig Up the Original Containers

If there is a chance you saved any of the boxes your goods came in, dig them out. The foam and cardboard inserts were custom-made for their contents, their snug fit providing all the protection needed to handle the rough treatment involved in shipping. If you can fit items in the recesses correctly, your work is done.

Check With Your Moving Company

As you start to plan your move, check with moving companies St Louis MO. They will likely have boxes, bubble wrap and tape that you can purchase specifically for different gadgets. Additionally, they may be able to outline directions for packing because it is in their best interest that your gear arrives safely. If you would prefer, use your own old blankest and cushions, but do not leave any side of an item exposed. Everything must be well padded and unable to move inside its box.

Sort and Label Well

When taking apart elaborately-connected equipment, such as high-definition television sets, audio systems and desktop computers, label cables and wires with masking tape or place in marked storage bags. Before disconnecting cables and wires, take pictures of the backs of the equipment. Include these in the same boxes as the main equipment pieces they connect and make a written list of each item for reference.

Protect From the Elements

Now that your electronics are ready to be loaded, work with the moving company to have them placed in the center of the truck—away from heat, cold and moisture. These climate conditions can damage gadgets’ sensitive internal components and external casings and screens. When you arrive at your new home, open the boxes and let them air out before plugging in since they may have picked up condensation on the way.

A major home move requires significant work. When you arrive, you will have a great deal to take care of in the first few days, from unpacking to getting utilities hooked up. If you appropriately prepared your electronic goods for the move, at least you can unwind with entertainment at the end of each long day.






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